Mindfulness Meditation Session with Hannah Loveday

Back Mindfulness Meditation Session with Hannah Loveday

Especially for Women in Tech Festival Global, Hannah Loveday, specialist wellbeing consultant, takes us through a 10 minute mediation mindfulness session. Watch now and a little more zen!


Mindfulness at a time of crisis

 I await November 2020 with much optimism, not only will I be speaking at the exciting and innovative Women in Tech festival again, but we will have endured this extraordinarily strange time we are currently faced with!

I can’t help but feel we are being given a big old rollicking by Mother Earth herself. Maybe humans are the Earth’s pandemic and now we have been stopped in our tracks or doorsteps! Finally, the Earth gets to take its much-deserved breather from us, with pollution levels dramatically dropping. We have made a mess of it and maybe its ‘too little too late’ when it comes to climate change and the lack of responsibility for our environment? We take so much for granted, unlimited produce, luxuries, entertainment, our freedom and now we’ve been forced to look beyond ourselves at something much greater, something none of us are immune to but all of us fear.

However, even though this surreal chapter is undoubtedly horrific for so many, we must try and find our own personal positives. Self-isolation could well be the excuse for a Netflix binge and other indulgences or, alternatively, we can be mindful of our choices and use it as an opportunity for self-development, growth and a time to reset.

For me personally, I am switching things up and adapting my employee wellbeing workshops to offer online, and, as a parent, I am thinking outside the currently somewhat restricted box, with homeschooling ideas! Small businesses are getting their creative juices flowing, just to stay afloat and some people are learning a new language. Maybe it’s time to explore new passions or hobbies? What I do know is that we will all learn a lot about ourselves. We have a culture of instant gratification, with everything accessible and available at our fingertips. Who could imagine that a trip to a supermarket (if a necessity) and a short walk around the block would be a luxury!

We are so often lost in the busyness of our lives and this virus has forced us back to basics. We sweat the small stuff too often and now we must put aside trivial problems and consider those far worse off. It’s also a clear reminder of the shared global disease, being stress and fear.

Amidst the social distancing, it may be a time that we remember how intrinsically connected humans are, we are all sharing the same experience of uncertainty. Maybe we come out of this appreciating each other just a little more and a reminder of those we love, sharing an abundance of love and support. It almost feels like things will never be the same again.

At the risk of sounding like a mindfulness boff, I have to say, that when practiced regularly, this is one of those crucial times that Mindfulness jumps to the rescue, bringing balance, presence, and support. When experiencing harmful thought processes, Mindfulness helps switch you from obsessing, attaching and reacting, to accepting, observing and responding. It helps you take each at a time when going through challenges times, staying present, rather than projecting into the future. This mindset is incredibly beneficial with the unnerving worry of how long this chapter will continue.

My Mindfulness tips would be...
1 - Train your mind - meditate, even if simply a body scan, releasing tension mentally and physically, then focus on the breath as your anchor
2 - Call a relative or good friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time
3 - Exercise - Strong body, Strong mind
4 - Keep to a routine - routine is key when it comes to mental resilience
5 - Watch some comedy! - Boost your endorphins!

I look forward to sharing the principals, benefits of Mindfulness and some workplace wellbeing tips with you at The Women in Tech festival! Last year’s event was incredibly successful, with so much on offer throughout and exciting day.

I hope to see you there and maybe we will even get to shake hands!

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