Marina Brilleman
Marina Brilleman
Global Business Analysis IT Manager
British American Tobacco

Marina is a big supporter of STEAM careers for women and girls. She herself has started as a management trainee with Siemens Telecom and stayed true to technology since then. Now Marina is a Global Business Analysis IT Manager in BAT.

Her international career spans across Russia, Germany, Singapore and UK and she fluently speaks languages of those countries. Love for optimisation and structure topped up with the International Management Master’s degree and passion for art giving Marina a powerful mix for creative problem solving. Within her team she instils the idea that nothing is impossible.

Marina has championed the potentially risk-reduced products as a step-changing addition to the traditional tobacco business in BAT. Overseeing IT side of this start-up within the corporation she was instrumental in defining the operating model and data structures, lately integrating new products into the overall company business, and finally launching B2C e-commerce platform as a service.

Marina is an ambassador for the family related work-life balance and the life-long learning. She is a proud mother of her teenage son and baby daughter.