Saying yes to empowering fellow women in tech

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I’m a Digital Experience Lead at RBS International; collaborating with colleagues across the business to give customers the easiest time using our digital channels. My career aspirations were originally academic, I had a place to study for my Masters and PhD but a change of heart led me to apply my research skills to digital channels.

I got into tech after working in marketing at a tech start-up. The time I spent here showed me all the weird and wonderful intricacies of software and hardware. Whilst there, I delivered a new website and realised how much I enjoyed working on web…so a career in tech was born.

During my time at RBSI we’ve seen some unprecedented world events and it’s this that has led us to innovate quickest to support our customers. Be it online forms, API integrations, new calculators, quicker journeys to essential financial information or the delivery of personalisation, I’ve been at the forefront of driving meaningful changes that create frictionless customer journeys.

I’m inspired by women who actively seek out to encourage, inspire and support the next generation of women to make their career aspirations known and realised. I aim to be one of those women throughout the rest of my career.

Outside of work I’m a keen runner and spend my time legging it up and down the hills of the Peak District, where I call home. When I’m not running, I’ll be walking my gorgeous little dog Morty or giving him all the tummy rubs he deserves.

I have a canny ability to say ‘yes’ to most things in life. Sometimes this can be great, like taking on my current role or moving from Jersey to the Peaks which have opened up a whole new beautiful section of the UK to me. At other times this can be amazing, like when I agreed to skydiving in Australia. Was it terrifying? Yes! Did Love it? Yes! Did I love it more when we landed on a dog beach and I got to fuss a pug immediately on landing? YES!!!

When I’m asked the advice that I’d give to other women in tech – it’s to say yes when your gut tells you so. When you feel like something gives you that giddy excitement, it’s just outside of your comfort zone or you know it’ll benefit yourself and other women in their careers. Just. Say. YES!