Technology: the answer to better workplace mental health and wellbeing?

Back Technology: the answer to better workplace mental health and wellbeing?

The widespread evolution to remote, hybrid, and flexible working in the last two years has encouraged many organisations to place greater emphasis on mental health and wellbeing support for their workforces. In organisations where mental health and wellbeing is a focus, employee retention, productivity, and workplace culture improves. But what role does technology play in making this successful? Phoenix Software explores.

Initiated by the Covid-19 pandemic, UK organisations continue to adopt new technology at a rapid pace and accelerate digital transformation in response to the changing needs of their employees, stakeholders, and service-users.

Remote and flexible working has empowered the modern workplace and enabled better access to services, healthcare, and education, improving diversity, equality, and inclusion at work. And now, with more organisations choosing a hybrid working model for the future, technology is bridging the gap between segregated places of work, allowing employees to connect, collaborate, and nurture their mental wellbeing with digital tools.

How to create an inclusive workplace mental health and wellbeing strategy

Organisations must prioritise developing a strategy, focused on prevention as well as support, to empower their employee’s overall health, safety, and wellbeing. To be successful, this requires a visible commitment from leadership teams to achieve buy-in and support throughout the organisation.

Key technologies to consider in your workplace mental health and wellbeing strategy

Support your employees to achieve their best by investing in technology that improves their wellbeing.

  • Accessible features: remove limits, improve workplace experiences, and increase employee wellbeing with tech tools that support diversity
  • Employee insights: invest in a platform that supports your employees to connect with their colleagues and protect time for regular breaks, focused work, and learning
  • Employee engagement: support your organisation to thrive with an employee engagement tool that encourages and supports collaboration and communication

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Phoenix’s commitment to workplace mental health and wellbeing

The mental wellbeing of our employees is of the utmost importance to us, and we aim to raise awareness of this to ensure our people know the importance of seeking help and showing understanding to others.

Our strategy to provide support to our employees around mental health and wellbeing is founded upon our key messages: ‘We are in this together’ and ‘We care’, and in 2020, we signed Mind’s ‘Time to Change Employer Pledge’ to back our commitment. We ensure that our team is supported, remain in communication with management and each other, and understand that they can speak openly to their managers about their health and wellbeing to encourage discussion about how we can help them.

Our programme of activities is run by our internal mental health and wellbeing, diversity, equality, and inclusion, sustainability, and charity ambassadors to help promote positive mental health and embed it into the culture of the organisation.

Discover how Phoenix is supporting mental health and wellbeing with technology.