Women in technology – an unconventional route

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I am really excited to be shortlisted for the Rising Star of the Year – Financial Services and Software Engineer of the Year for this year’s Women in Tech Excellence awards.

From my own experience, I have an unconventional route into technology. In 2019 I graduated with a degree in Finance, and stumbled across a programming course with Code First: Girls. I subsequently completed a 2-week University Employability Challenge in partnership with Refinitiv to develop a bespoke Python FX application with limited technical experience, where I was offered a place on the 2019/20 Refinitiv Technology Graduate Scheme covering Enterprise Architecture, Architecture Governance, and finally Cloud Architecture where I am Senior Associate.

I’ve been given opportunities where I have been able to get taster experiences of working in technology and I feel it is important to for others to have the same opportunities.

I currently sit on the Future Leaders Shadow Board for Women in Banking & Finance, working on the graduate engagement strategy aiming to create a space where recent graduates are able to be part of a community where Finance and Tech is more accessible to all.

The one thing I would do to encourage more women into Tech is to continue my work with outreach programmes such as:

• Externally: Women in Banking and Finance graduate engagement strategy to help generate a future pipeline of female talent considering a route into the industry.

• Internally: Promoting a culture of innovation in the form of ‘Leaderthon’ events internally at the London Stock Exchange group to provide opportunities to develop and provide leaderships skills help tackle the future pipeline.

Above all, I hope this inspires others considering a career in tech that don’t take the traditionally route into the industry.