Matt Piper
Matt Piper
Head of IT Test Practice
Gallagher Brokerage UK

I’m a 55 year old Aussie, living in Dorking, Surrey. I work in I.T as a Test Manager. I’m married with twin 23 year old daughters and a dog.

Growing up in a rural part of Aus as a teenager and adolescent in the ‘80s has definitely left some lasting scars on me in terms of how I used to view feminism, and my attitude to women. It was a seriously patriarchal environment, and I was part of the problem.

I began to understand how bad things were when I started uni. Being around people who were far more enlightened and forward thinking than I, was a real eye opener. Then meeting the woman who I would eventually marry, made me realise just how sexist and misogynist so much of my attitudes and belief systems were.

For the last 30 years I’ve been doing what I can to un-learn all the bad behaviour/beliefs/opinions that were ingrained in me in my youth. I’m still not there at an unconscious level. Consciously I am, but the sexism still manages to rear its ugly head, and then I have to consciously rein it in.

So I refer to myself as a recovering sexist. I want to do what little I can to help men realise just how bad things still are in the 21st century – in even the most “liberal” of societies.