Introducing our 2021 Fringe Events

Join us throughout November for these very special sessions - all included in your ticket to the Festival!
These sessions will also be available on-demand to watch whenever convenient for you.


4 & 18 November: 11.00am - 11.20am

Accessible yoga to combat stress and burnout

Classes will start with breathwork before incorporating varied movements coordinated with breath and a final relaxation. Expect your mood to be enhanced and to have an overall sense of wellbeing.

Personal Brand

5 November: 11.00am - 11.45am
How to be a purpose-full leader with Mikaela Jackson

Whether you have a team or not, whether you have a managerial role or leadership position within an organisation, whether you're employed or self-employed, you can be a purpose-full leader. Would you love to connect, live and lead from your purpose? To realise your potential and have the impact you are destined to have? This is for you! Join us for an engaging and interactive group coaching workshop, to connect with yourself and other like-minded women. Expect to go away with greater clarity, new-found perspective, energy, motivation and purpose to level up your leadership, impact and fulfilment.


11 November: 2.00pm - 2.45pm

Find out why the future of great leadership depends on questions and not answers by Joanna Howes, performance and leadership coach

Successful leadership is the ability to grow future leaders who can lead with confidence, certainty, and courage. One powerful way to achieve this is to elevate your thinking through effective questioning. In this session you will discover the key questions to add to your leadership toolkit to unlock your team's full potential and find out how these questions can also elevate your future success as a leader.

Stress Management

12 November: 11.00am - 11.45am

Free Flow Writing - A Stress Management Workshop with Kimberley Robinson

Building resilience and reducing stress through creative interventions alongside our digital worlds, allows us to ground ourselves, create a space for self awareness and develop resilient attitudes. This 1 hour interactive workshop explores the method of free flow writing; unblocking the mind, allowing us to reflect and process thoughts and emotions. Through some techniques that will be uncovered through some key exercises, this will allow delegates to explore professional and personal aspirations, thoughts and feelings giving them space to develop their resilience on and offline. Get your paper and pens ready!

Sleep Clinic

23 November: 12.50pm - 1.30pm
From Surviving to Thriving with Nerina Ramlakhan

The last eighteen months of the pandemic have been challenging for all, both personally and professionally, and many people are now finding themselves feeling exhausted and even burnt out. In this 20-minute presentation, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan describes the cycle of burnout from a physiological perspective as well as offering practical insights, based on her 25yrs worth of experience, into how we can break this cycle.
Dr Nerina will address the following:
- What is the difference between surviving and thriving? A physiological perspective.
- What does it mean to truly thrive? The importance of a 'thriving mindset' and why we need to believe that we deserve to thrive
- Take 5 to thrive - 5 life-changing and essential practices that will enable you to thrive in a changing world.

Health & meditation

17 November: 11.30am - 12.15pm
22 & 23 November: 9.35am - 9.40am

The women's path to health, performance, and equanimity…

Women continue to accomplish great things but there is still work to be done in the fight for an inclusive world. During these modern times women work hard to strike a balance, juggling multiple roles and aiming to reach superwoman status, but does our health suffer along the way and should we strive to have it all? This workshop touches upon women's overall health around the world, and the challenge of fitting together all the pieces of the health puzzle. We look at tackling the inner critic, especially with the pressures of social media and how females can support each other. We will explore managing stress and incorporating positive mindful routines, letting go of unfavorable habits mentally and physically.

Meet with mentors

Throughout the whole of November ticket holders to the Festival can book 1-2-1 meetings with our mentors through our event platform!

Meet the Mentors:

Andrew Isenman, Head of Technology: Cloud and Data, Heathrow Airport

Joe Castle, CEO, Tecnologika

Beenish Saeed, Founder, Like Minded Females Toronto

Beccy Irving,  The Life Project

Cat Wildman, Co-Founder & CEO Business of The Global Equality Collective

Gemma Bloeman, Chief Operating Officer, Elder

Yvonne Matzk, Founder, Coachere

Jess Levett ,Scrum Master, Knowledge E

Anusha Nirmalananthan, Product Coach, Money Tree

Sophie Hall, Client Solutions Delivery Manager, iress