Paulette Watson
Paulette Watson
Founder and Manager Director
Academy Achievers

Paulette is a trailblazer in the Generative AI realm, with a keen focus on Gen AI, ESG, and ethical considerations. Her mission is to democratise opportunities within this space, particularly for women, especially those from black and people of colour communities. Operating at the intersection of Web 3.0 and STEM, she's a driving force in both Europe and Africa, advocating for an inclusive digital revolution. As the visionary behind Academy Achievers UK | Ghana, and a transformative #BeMedigitalinclusion initiative to raise one million global majority women and girls in STEM | Web 3, Paulette aspires to empower girls and women to embark on web3 and STEM careers. Her commitment extends to dismantling oppressive algorithms, drawing from her own experiences to inspire change. Founder and Managing Director, Paulette seeks to educate, empower, and uplift fellow black women, catalysing a movement towards equitable representation. Her ultimate goal: to bring one million women into the tech space by 2030, fostering a more just and diverse technological landscape.

Her words of insight: “Being adaptable, having a psychological mindset, being resilient and committed has afforded me the ability to be where I am now.”

Paulette is also a Co-Founder of AI | Business Advisor Crunch Network and a member of the Global Tech Advocates and Women in Tech Festival (WITF) Advisory Board on behalf of Computing and CRN Brands. She recently completed her second book on the underrepresentation of black women in Tech space | Impact of Gen AI