Let’s celebrate! boxxe colleagues shortlisted for CRN Women & Diversity in Channel Awards 2023

Back Let’s celebrate! boxxe colleagues shortlisted for CRN Women & Diversity in Channel Awards 2023

At boxxe, we embrace diversity, champion gender equality and celebrate the achievements of women in the tech industry. As an equal opportunities employer, we are committed to building not just a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills – but an industry. One that’s full of equal opportunities and inspires change through the incredible actions of its people. That’s why we’re so proud to have three incredible team members who have been named as finalists in the CRN Women & Diversity in Channel Awards 2023!

Tarah Mason, Sales Employee of the Year – Reseller/Solution Provider

Mykaila Wilson, Unsung Hero – Reseller Solution Provider

Heather Dunsmore, Mental Health Champion of the Year

The workforce is changing…

Many organisations and communities already focus on driving gender equity in IT by empowering women, celebrating their achievements, amplifying their voices and challenging biases on a daily basis. There’s a lot of focus on DEI in general, with the tech sector being touted as more progressive and forward thinking than other industries. Although it’s all moving in the right direction, some big challenges remain; women are still underrepresented in IT roles, sustaining gender bias and stereotypes.

With a sector that’s continuously changing and diversifying thanks to technological advancements and changing business needs, we mustn’t take our fingers off the pulse. At boxxe, we’re proactively working to remove the barriers women face in securing, maintaining and excelling in technical roles. The consistent and balanced gender ratio of our team serves to demonstrate both the value of diversity in accelerating our business’ success, whilst dispelling this misguided rhetoric around ‘competency’ and capability.

That’s why, as Heather Dunsmore (our Senior People Partner) says, “We are continuously working hard on our health & wellbeing and DEI strategies to ensure we maximise opportunities to attract, develop, support and retain diverse representation across our workforce. Working in a flexible, hybrid environment massively supports this. We’re also reviewing all of our working practices to ensure they are inclusive and continuing to embed diversity and inclusion into the workplace through learning, raising awareness and engaging with our boxxers.”

Referencing her Mental Health Champion of the Year nomination and the upcoming awards ceremony, Heather said “I feel truly honoured to be shortlisted for this award. Health and wellbeing is something I’ve always been passionate about, so it really does mean the world to me. I’m looking forward to connecting with the other nominees and learning more about what they’ve done from a health and wellbeing perspective, sharing ideas, stories and collaborating.”

We need to recognise, support and empower women

Our boxxers do this by championing the women in their workplace. For boxxe Events Manager Mykaila Wilson, it’s all about;

• Acknowledging and celebrating achievements, both big and small

• Showing genuine interest to others ideas, concerns and aspirations

• Providing guidance and offering advice and feedback based on their own experiences

• Amplifying their voices by sharing their achievements, ideas and perspectives in meetings

• Encouraging teamwork and emphasising their success

Small actions go a long way, and boxxe recognises that championing others is a continuous effort that requires empathy, active engagement, and commitment to making a positive impact. So, we’re really delighted that our wonderful colleagues are being recognised for their impact not solely as women in the tech industry, but leaders and changemakers in their own right.

Speaking about her nomination for the Unsung Hero Award at the CRN Women & Diversity in Channel awards, Mykaila said the achievement has profound significance to her, “representing the recognition and validation of the hard work, dedication, and expertise that I've poured into my endeavours. It is a nod to the quiet efforts that can spark big change. It's a tribute to those who work behind the scenes, dedicated to making a difference. This nomination is a recognition of the impact of every unsung hero's journey toward a more diverse and inclusive industry."

Tarah Mason, boxxe’s Senior Account Director for Defence also spoke of the importance of always championing yourself, other women and your colleagues, which “actively supports their growth, success, and wellbeing. There is plenty of room for all of us so don’t tear each other down.” She is delighted to have been shortlisted as Sales Employee of the Year and said, “I really am chuffed to bits! Being a finalist holds significant meaning and recognition to me. It's a validation of my hard work, dedication, and expertise, and it serves as a testament to my accomplishments within the IT sector!”

The CRN Women & Diversity in Channel Awards 2023 acknowledges the positive shift we’re seeing in the industry. It also signifies a broader acknowledgment of the value that diverse perspectives bring to the table, whilst underscoring the industry's commitment to nurturing and promoting talent across all genders. We’re so proud of our nominees, and the people across our company and the industry working together to make tech more accessible and inclusive to incredible talent from across the board.