Trustmarque: DEI as a catalyst for positive change

Back Trustmarque: DEI as a catalyst for positive change

As one of the UK’s most accredited IT solutions providers, Trustmarque is committed to fostering an inclusive workspace where everyone feels valued and respected.

Earlier this summer, we were delighted to announced that Trustmarque has five finalists in the CRN Women and Diversity in Channel awards 2023.

From a global leader in DEI, to working parents, to a passionate women’s safety campaigner, this year’s Trustmarque finalists are the ones to watch.

Meet the Trustmarque finalists:

• Donavan Hutchinson, Trustmarque (Diversity Champion of the Year)

• Judith Lillis, Trustmarque (Manager of the Year – Reseller/Solution Provider)

• Katherine Murphy, Trustmarque (Marketing Employee of the Year – Reseller/Solution Provider)

• Nida Ashraf Ali, Trustmarque (Marketing Employee of the Year – Reseller/Solution Provider)

• Zoe Dronfield, Trustmarque (Mental Health Champion of the Year)

We are all responsible for DEI

We know that diversity and inclusion is a commitment made by everyone, from the person who joined yesterday to our Chief Operating Officer. That’s why we are proud of the colleagues who have been recognised by CRN for their dedication to DEI and the changes they are making at Trustmarque. Each one of them is living our group values:

1. We commit

Counting down to awards night, avid campaigner and women’s safety lobbyist, Zoe Dronfield spoke about the importance of seeking strength amidst adversity, “my story shows that even if you go through something so extreme and life-changing, you can and will survive if you keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forwards. I also hope it would influence others not to be defeated and inspire other victim/survivors to never give up. You can’t fail if you commit to yourself to keep on going!”

2. We collaborate

Shortlisted for Manager of the Year, Judith Lillis, Head of Finance at Trustmarque, knows the importance of collaboration and developing your team members: “As a manager, part of my role is mentoring and supporting members of my team to achieve their career aspirations, even if this means you lose talented and dedicated people to other teams.”

3. We include

Nurturing an inclusion environment in the tech industry is paramount, as Katherine Murphy, Head of Marketing, Brand and Communications adds, “The technology sector still has a huge way to go in levelling the playing field for women and for people from minority groups. By shining a light on the amazing achievements of those making a difference, we can hopefully empower more people to step up and achieve more and also attract a more diverse, engaged and inspired future workforce.”

4. We innovate

In the candid interview with CIO Views, Donavan Hutchinson, Chief Revenue Officer and Diversity Champion of the Year finalist), affirmed that he strives to be a ‘catalyst’ for positive change and growth, both within the organisation and the broader industry. Donavan’s innovative approach to DEI doesn’t end there: “my commitment to DEI goes beyond the business I work for as I have helped many organisations in my spare time to drive their DEI strategy forward.”

5. We inspire

Speaking of her nomination in the category of Marketing Employee of the Year, Nida Ashraf-Ali, Partner Marketing Manager comments, “The win would be a magnificent career milestone for me and personally symbolise the power of working parents of young children, and it would also represent that yes, the struggle is real but achievable and worth IT!”

About Trustmarque’s DEI strategy

We want to be a great place to work, for everyone. That starts with being transparent and tackling our gender pay gap as well as focusing on attracting and retaining talent from minority groups to join us.

Trustmarque has been through a substantial transition, including our departure from Capita and a successful change of ownership to One Equity Partners (OEP), as well as our acquisition of Livingstone Group. As Trustmarque Group we now have a revised and common set of values which define us as a Group. Our newly launched values and behaviours form the basis of our culture and create a supportive, inclusive work environment for all. 

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Good luck everyone!