Opening Remarks
Introduction to Mindfulness

There is now an abundance of scientific research proving Mindfulness meditation as a contribution to good mental health. Rather than a mystical practice, Mindfulness is simply training for the mind, improving mental fitness. During this session, our speaker will touch upon the key benefits, how to tame the monkey mind, and how practicing mindfulness regularly makes your working life more fulfilling, manageable, and personal life more enriching.

Hannah Loveday, Founder, YogaLoveday

Panel discussion: The Future Generations: what, where, why, how?
  • What enticed these young people into the technology industry?
  • What are the biggest challenges they faced?
  • Their most and least favourite elements of their current roles.
  • Recommendations on how to stand out as an employer to the upcoming generation.

Abigail Davies, Application Support, DVLA
Rachel Skelton, Junior Software Engineer, Covea Insurance
Amie Zhou, Head of Business Office, Worldline UK&I
Moderator: Mary Hunter, Global Chief People Officer, Columbus 

Panel discussion: Let’s get started!
  • Top tips for creating a start-up.
  • What should you expect when embarking on the start-up journey?
  • How to fit your start-up into your life.
  • Advice on gaining investment and funding.

Insiya Jafferjee, Founder, The Shell Works
Lina Chan, CEO & Founder, Parla
Inas Ismail, Co-Founder, Austera
Moderator: Rika Christanto, Chief Operations Officer, Ontruck

Panel discussion: Annie, are you okay?
  • Striking a balance to look after your mental and physical health.
  • How to overcome the unpredictable and demanding nature of a career in technology. 
  • How can companies create a culture that supports you?
  • Stop feeling guilty about not being a ‘martyr’.

Christelle Heikkila, IT Director, Arsenal Football Club
Pauliina Jamsa, Global Sr. Digital Manager, Siemens
Annette Sercombe, Chief Information Security Officer, Met Office
Moderator: Natasha Sayce-Zelem, Head of Technology, Sky Digital

Keynote: How the workplace can work better for women

Making the case for a more inclusive workforce, June Sarpong OBE; Director of Creative Diversity at the BBC and author of Diversify, will examine how the workplace can work better for women. June will share her advice on how organisations, and specifically those within the tech industry, can improve their diversity and inclusive representation, and effectively champion allyship.

June Sarpong, Director of Creative Diversity, BBC

Softcat: Punching through the glass ceiling
  • How to progress from mid-management.
  • Being confident to run a team, even without knowing everything.
  • How to be a leader who enables growth, failure, and psychological safety.

Debra Coady, Legal Director and General Counsel, Softcat

Virtual Production: the tech taking over Hollywood and how it will bolster the boys’ club

This talk will focus on the fundamentals of virtual production, as well as discuss the potential risks in the entertainment industry if young women continually are discouraged from pursuing STEM fields. Virtual production is an emerging type of visual effects that effectively combines film and computer science. It allows filmmakers to combine physical and virtual assets in real-time and has made possible some ground-breaking content, such as The Lion King or The Mandalorian. Reliance on this method of filmmaking is sure to grow, and with it, so will the gender divide within the film industry. Without a basic understanding of computer science and game development, filmmakers in every department will have a difficult time adapting to using virtual production. As computer science and game development are both heavily male-dominated trades, this runs the risk of alienating women even further.

Gabrielle Roberts, Co-Founder, Code Your Chances

Westcoast: Getting girls into IT!

Of course, plenty of girls are now starting to get into the industry, but everyone would recognise that there are not enough of them. So many entries in the Women in Channel Awards refer to the lack of girls interested in IT at school and 90% of all Computer Science graduates are male. Alex will share what Westcoast has done to address the problem, by focusing on careers teaching; IT as an inspiration; showing the IT industry as more than just technical and promoting Westcoast’s own role models. Hear their story, and get some actions for you or your business. You might be the role model your local school is looking for.

Alex Tatham, Managing Director, Westcoast

In Conversation with: Stemettes hosted by Anne-Marie Imafidon

Founder of Stemettes, Anne-Marie Imafidon talks to her Stemette alumnae. Why did they join the Stemettes, how has it benefited them, and what has it enabled them to do moving forward? It will also explore the challenges they faced as young women interested in technology, or what their hesitations were to pursue technology. How can men and women come together to address these issues?

Nnenne Ofochebe, Azure Cloud Consultant / Developer, Cluster Reply UK
Foloshade Shoyoye, Civil Engineer, Costain Group PLC
Soumya Singh, Software Engineer, Deutsche Bank
Moderator: Anne-Marie Imafidon, Founder, Stemettes

Guest Keynote: Building your personal brand
  • How to develop your confidence in a variety of settings.
  • Guidance on publicly documenting your journey and gaining online visibility.
  • How to build credibility within the sector.
  • The power of LinkedIn, what do you need to update?

Roberta Lucca, Co-Founder, Bossa Studios 

Closing Remarks

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